Sunday, August 28

56% Nerdy, 17% Sexy, 17% Whimsical, 7% Sassy, and 3% Cruel

[56% Nerdy, 17% Sexy, 17% Whimsical, 7% Sassy, and 3% Cruel]

Continuing on the earlier Geek / Nerd / Dweeb Thread . . . .

According to the test at OKCupid, I am a Nerd. Or, more correctly, I am 56% Nerd, 26% Geek and 17% Dork. Their numbers, perhaps due to rounding, are off by 1%. Regardless, they must be wrong, I mean I'd admit to being 56% Nerdy, if I could round it out with 17% Sexy, 17% Whimsical, 7% Sassy, and [sadly, but honestly] 3% Cruel.

Anyway, according to them:
  • A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia.
  • A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.
  • A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.
Their definition for Dork is somewhat like my definition for Dweeb. Only Dweeb is more louder.

Thanks to JPB.

Saturday, August 27

Time to Click Around

[Time to Click Around]

I've not had [taken] the time to click around the interweb much this summer. Work has been harsh [I worked, for example, fifty-eight hours this past week and sixty-seven hours the previous week — God I miss paid OT], I had a rough bout of likely-topical-prescription-medicine-induced depression, I have become addicted to Sudoku, and I generally wilt in the horrible heat.

Today I had [took] time. Notable: I can't connect them all. If you can, you'll have my unending adoration [which does not actually include ))<>(( forever]. That's all for now.

Wednesday, August 24



I just got the highest Scrabble score I've ever had.

I got two bingos in a row to start [amazing! that's never happened before] and had a bit of a bad run in the middle, including a lost challenge. But. Still. This increases my average [which I think is in the mid-260s] a bit.


Okay. That's all for now. And, no, my like of Scrabble does not mean you can call me a dweeb. I'm a geeky girl, or, perhaps, a nerdy chick, thank you very much.

Kisses all around . . . .

Wednesday, August 17

The Right Word | Random Thought

[The Right Word Random Thought]

We need to bring back the term dweeb. Dweeb is a very useful term. Recently I've found it to be the right word to describe a few people. It shouldn't be confused with geek or nerd, because geeks can be sexy, and nerds can be cute . . . . but dweebs? Not so much.

Moving on . . . .
I heard some people talking while I was walking from the train to work about what was narcissistic. One said that having photos of yourself all over your office was narcissistic, the other one said that Googling yourself was narcissistic. I wanted to say that sniffing your own panties before you masturbate was narcissistic . . . . but I lost my nerve.