Monday, October 17

Technological Difficulties

[Technological Difficulties]

My 'puter finally died, I think. I'm going to try to work on it for a bit, but I'm unsure whether I'll be able to rescue my data.

Please assume that I
  • haven't been posting because of intermittent difficulties
  • won't be checking blogs or news as much, as it's difficult to do so from work
  • have lost your contact data and that you should contact me again
  • won't be able to post very regularly for a bit, as it's difficult to do so from work
So sad. So very sad.

Sunday, September 18

2005 Week 2 Football Picks

[2005 Week 2 Football Picks]

In order of confidence:
  • Steelers over Texans
  • Falcons over Seahawks
  • Chiefs over Raiders
  • Lions over Bears
  • Patriots over Panthers
  • Dolphis over Jets
  • Cowboys over Redskins
  • Buccaneers over Bills
  • Ravens over Titans
  • Cardinals over Rams
  • Packers over Browns
  • Colts over Jaguars
  • Broncos over Chargers
  • Saints over Giants
  • Eagles over 49ers
  • Vikings over Bengals
I tied for second place last week with 82 points. The winner —whose picks I made as a favor by picking his favored Jets as the 16, and all the home teams as a straight 15-through-one for the remainder— had 84 points. He's promised a black iPod Nano for my trouble. We'll see whether he delivers.

Friday, September 9

2005 Week 1 Football Picks

[2005 Week 1 Football Picks]

In order of confidence:
  • Bills over Texans
  • Steelers over Titans
  • Chargers over Cowboys
  • Vikings over Buccaneers
  • Patriots over Raiders
  • Eagles over Falcons
  • 49ers over Rams
  • Dolphins over Broncos
  • Redskins over Bears
  • Panthers over Saints
  • Lions over Packers
  • Chiefs over Jets
  • Cardinals over Giants
  • Browns over Bengals
  • Seahawks over Jaguars
  • Colts over Ravens
The first week is always so hard. We'll see.

Thursday, September 8

Thursday, September 1

Eradicating Joey

[Eradicating Joey]

I had a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago that I've been consistently reminded of since. I'd asked her about her weekend plans, and she told me that she intended to "eradicate Joey" [not his real name].

She was in the process of breaking up with this Joey, a long-term on-and-off sometimes-long-distance boyfriend, and no, she wasn't going to kill him . . . . she was, somewhat like Dr. Mierzwiak's minions in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, going to attempt to eradicate the detritus of a relationship so that there were no clues.

Since we had that conversation, I've been thinking about how much less [for lack of another word] romantic my habits have become. Should Dr. Mierzwiak's crew come into my home to eradicate the detritus of some relationship, it would be easy for them: a few tchotchkes, a few pieces of clothing, a few notes, a few computer files . . . . done.

I remembered how much of an effort it was when I went through processes like that in the past. I remember leaving a boyfriend a long time ago, and taking with me not only everything that was mine, but also everything I ever gave him, everything he ever gave me, everything we purchased together, everything that I thought would remind him of me . . . . and trashing all of it.

Not that I would wish to do that now. I'm not anticipating such a loss in my life. And, if I did sometime in the future, I don't anticipate wanting to remove everything. During the last major breakup I had, I just put the "scary things" in an antique hard-shelled suitcase so I didn't have to see them, but I'd know they'd be available if I wanted to see them later. When I was stronger / had more perspective, some of those things were released from scary-storage, and I was glad that I had them.

What's made me sad while thinking of all this is that I have so little to remind me of almost anyone, even the most important people in my life. I've seen the homes and cubes and cars of other people. I've noticed how some of them have, like I once had, so many reminders. And, I'm wondering when I became like this — how I started getting fewer, giving fewer, and keeping fewer mementos — and what I've lost of myself in the process.

Sunday, August 28

56% Nerdy, 17% Sexy, 17% Whimsical, 7% Sassy, and 3% Cruel

[56% Nerdy, 17% Sexy, 17% Whimsical, 7% Sassy, and 3% Cruel]

Continuing on the earlier Geek / Nerd / Dweeb Thread . . . .

According to the test at OKCupid, I am a Nerd. Or, more correctly, I am 56% Nerd, 26% Geek and 17% Dork. Their numbers, perhaps due to rounding, are off by 1%. Regardless, they must be wrong, I mean I'd admit to being 56% Nerdy, if I could round it out with 17% Sexy, 17% Whimsical, 7% Sassy, and [sadly, but honestly] 3% Cruel.

Anyway, according to them:
  • A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia.
  • A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.
  • A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.
Their definition for Dork is somewhat like my definition for Dweeb. Only Dweeb is more louder.

Thanks to JPB.

Saturday, August 27

Time to Click Around

[Time to Click Around]

I've not had [taken] the time to click around the interweb much this summer. Work has been harsh [I worked, for example, fifty-eight hours this past week and sixty-seven hours the previous week — God I miss paid OT], I had a rough bout of likely-topical-prescription-medicine-induced depression, I have become addicted to Sudoku, and I generally wilt in the horrible heat.

Today I had [took] time. Notable: I can't connect them all. If you can, you'll have my unending adoration [which does not actually include ))<>(( forever]. That's all for now.

Wednesday, August 24



I just got the highest Scrabble score I've ever had.

I got two bingos in a row to start [amazing! that's never happened before] and had a bit of a bad run in the middle, including a lost challenge. But. Still. This increases my average [which I think is in the mid-260s] a bit.


Okay. That's all for now. And, no, my like of Scrabble does not mean you can call me a dweeb. I'm a geeky girl, or, perhaps, a nerdy chick, thank you very much.

Kisses all around . . . .

Wednesday, August 17

The Right Word | Random Thought

[The Right Word Random Thought]

We need to bring back the term dweeb. Dweeb is a very useful term. Recently I've found it to be the right word to describe a few people. It shouldn't be confused with geek or nerd, because geeks can be sexy, and nerds can be cute . . . . but dweebs? Not so much.

Moving on . . . .
I heard some people talking while I was walking from the train to work about what was narcissistic. One said that having photos of yourself all over your office was narcissistic, the other one said that Googling yourself was narcissistic. I wanted to say that sniffing your own panties before you masturbate was narcissistic . . . . but I lost my nerve.

Saturday, July 23

Je suis une Américaine Ignorante

[Je suis une Américaine Ignorante]

Well, actually, I placed France correctly in this puzzle. And, I placed a little over half of the countries correctly or almost correctly. But, on average I was off by 158 miles. And, like any puzzle, it gets easier after you've placed a few pieces.

Thursday, July 14

Friday, May 13

[Happy Friday the 13th]

[Happy Friday the 13th]

You may think that Friday the 13th is always unlucky. However, it seems that the first one each year is now the important holiday Blame Someone Else Day.

Sadly, some folks need more than one of those a year, and there are some years where there aren't any.