Friday, May 13

[Happy Friday the 13th]

[Happy Friday the 13th]

You may think that Friday the 13th is always unlucky. However, it seems that the first one each year is now the important holiday Blame Someone Else Day.

Sadly, some folks need more than one of those a year, and there are some years where there aren't any.

Monday, May 2

Head in the Sand

[Head in the Sand]

I've been trying to avoid the news, because it's just so infuriating. But, I can't avoid it. It's freaking everywhere.

I wish they'd just put that runaway bride bitch in jail and make her pay for the cost of the search, because whatever her problem, it's absurd to make any of the taxpayers fund the misguided solution, regardless of whether she's very, very sorry.

I wish I hadn't expected Lynndie to be contrite.

I've been wondering whether a neoluddite stance might be appropriate considering the focus of science, especially considering the progress of chimera creation, exploding mobile phones, and nanotech/nanobiotech.

I've been struggling with my allergies, and ruing the day when I'll have to be registered just to take a fucking Drixoral.

At least the South Carolina legislature tried to to make up for the huge fuckup from a few weeks ago when they had decided that cockfighting was more heinous than domestic abuse. A sensible breakdown of the whole debacle can be found at Ms Musings.

Oh well, I guess none of that will matter much anyway if TEOTWAWKI is finally approaching with with the naming of the new pontiff. If this pontificate lasts only a few years, that will bring the next one in enough time to accommodate the end of the world according to the Long Count on either 21 December 2012 or 11 October 2011 depending upon who is asked.

Hopefully sometime before that, somebody will make cute t-shirts in v-neck styles.


There was some good news. Apparently Google's new algorithms will be more likely to lead you to what you want. Maybe they'll lead me to a cute shirt.