Monday, August 30

Rex is Back

[Rex is Back]

Fimoculous is back up after Rex had spent many months working on the Olympics website for NBC. I'm glad. He was missed.

Not a Gamer

[Not a Gamer]

But, I want an Alienware Notebook anyway. Functional but whimsical toys and tools attract my attention every time.

[via Wired]

Sunday, August 29

Too Much of a Good Thing

[Too Much of a Good Thing]

I generally don't have a problem with absent-minded noshing, largely because I rarely put out large quantities of anything. Early this evening, however, I sliced a pineapple and put it into a bowl.

tasty pineapple

It was quite tasty, and before I realized it, over the course of about three hours, I'd eaten three-quarters of it. Now, I-don-feel-so-good.

Friday, August 27



The descriptions in Wine Enthusiast never fail to amuse me. I was reading the May 2004 issue when I came across this:
Initially smells of black peppercorn and oak resin; more time shows baked banana, bacon fat, dried sage, dried thyme, brown rice and broccoli. Entry has a bean-like quality; midpalate flavors include sweet, wood-influenced tastes of honey, milk chocolate, cream sherry and vanilla cake frosting. Ends wrapped in smoky vanilla and cocoa.
No, gentle reader, it's not a wine. It's a tequila. It is, in fact Cabo Wabo Anejo. To repeat: the paragraph above describes a tequila.

Bacon fat? Broccoli? Vanilla cake frosting? Really, now.

I don't know about you, but, for me tequila only gets so good. And, even at its best, it's still tequila. I once had a pricey snifter of El Tesoro Paradiso that, according to my tipsy and amusingly boastful host, had been crafted from cacti raised by a hidden sect of Incan mystics and water melted from an undisturbed-for-millennia Antarctic ice chunk, prepared according to dictates of the Mayan calendar, aged in the Amontillado cask, and brought north by a Patagonian penguin-herder to San Francisco for my very personal sipping enjoyment.

Did I enjoy it? Well, sort of, but I was glad I didn't pay for it. And, regardless, for me, tequila should be salt, lick, slam, chomp lime if I do it at all.

Thursday, August 26

Trick & Treat

[Trick & Treat]

I got my order today. Fresh has changed their packaging for the Sugar Eau de Parfum. It no longer comes with a separate screw top. And, it's smaller. It's 0.4 ounces smaller at the same price. That's a $5.04 per ounce increase.

I also got a little "thank you" bouquet of daisies and wildflowers today. 'Twas very sweet, and very unexpected.

Monday, August 23



I'm not going to get out of this office for hours.

I'm out of cigarettes.

If I don't pull off a minor miracle, I may need to plan a meeting in NYC next week. Yes, gentle reader, the RNC is next week. That, in and of itself, is cause to ponder whether the real choice of the day should be homicide or suicide. Take that any way you wish.

I'm so tense, various body parts are intermittently becoming numb.

My tub suddenly stopped up last night and my landlady can't get someone over to fix it until Wednesday. I can't take a fucking shower at my apartment until Wednesday. On a possibly positive note, perhaps this is the impetus I needed to get my ass to the gym.

Also, I'm way tanked on coffee. Which is necessary considering that I got three hours of sleep last night.

/ whiny rant

Sunday, August 22



Old and busted? Smith's Rosebud Salve.

New hotness? Boudreaux's Butt Paste.



I have a huge geeky crush on The Source. I don't even care whether he/she/e/ey/sie/it is an individual or a collective.

Ninety-Two Pounds

[Ninety-Two Pounds]

John, my laundry guy, just picked up my order. It was the largest one I can remember: four bags totaling ninety-two pounds. He'll deliver it this evening and he gave me a discount for being a loyal customer. I don't even like to think about what a hassle it would have been to struggle down four flights of stairs with all that stuff, walk it over three blocks, wash and fold it myself, and haul it back. That would be almost as traumatic as moving.

Daily Distractions

[Daily Distractions]

I really need to get to work. I also really need to clean my apartment. But, there are disctractions, including:Time to scrub the bathroom floor.

Saturday, August 21

Encoding Colorless Language in Music

[Encoding Colorless Language in Music]

More on the Pirahã.

They have a truly complex and layered communication system that "uses five discourse channels; information may be spoken (the default), whistled, hummed, yelled or encoded in music. Whistled languages are rare, making Pirahã an interesting study in the strength of tone and stress in communication".

Their language can be whistled or encoded in music. That's pretty amazing.

The paper that spawned all this discourse is here. Some of the other interesting points about the Pirahã from that paper:
  • they've no creation myths or fiction
  • they've no terms for colors
  • they've neither collective nor individual memory of more than two generations past
  • they've no drawing or other art
That's too much to think about this evening.

Off to bed.

Friday, August 20

Today's Lunch

[Today's Lunch]

A mediocre folkish rock band butchers G&R's Sweet Child of Mine.

A blonde chick with fake tits sports a FUBU t-shirt with a Gap denim skirt.

A cute boy reeking of hipster smiles and waves making me feel like I should recognize him — but I do not.

It feels like football weather but doesn't smell like it.

Today's running thought has been that the choice to not act is an active choice itself and is equally wrought with consequences.

There's a little bottle of Cool Mint Listerine in my purse that reminds me of a similar bottle of long ago filled with tinted G.

The chai is too sweet.

Thursday, August 19

Next Blog

[Next Blog]

Because of the new blogger tool bar you see at the top of this page and its convenient little next blog button, I've seen more random blogs recently than I'm generally prone to visit:Off to bed.

Shattered Illusions

[Shattered Illusions]

For a few days I was amused with my [subtly forced] delusion that Retro and Metro were new sub-lines for Perry Ellis America.

Wednesday, August 18


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  • ya
Now your turn! M'kay? M'kay.

[Yes, the list was edited . . . . most names were removed.]

Tuesday, August 17

Longshoreman Fluency

[Longshoreman Fluency]

I've been wondering about the amount of profanity I've used while posting here. So, I decided to research a little:
  • 8.54 percent of posts include some variation of fuck
  • 2.74 percent of posts include some variation of shit
  • 1.52 percent of posts include some variation of piss
  • and, 0.61 percent of posts include cunt
Most of my posts seem free of these words — granted, there are undoubtedly offensive words I'm missing in my little tally. Regardless, although I'm certain that because of combinations the percentage is likely higher, this means that the smallest percentage of posts having none of these words would be 80.71. I'm not yet sure how I feel about this.

Monday, August 16

Farking Benefactor

[Farking Benefactor]

As a new feature at Fark, at the The TotalFark Signup Page you can [in addition, of course to purchasing a subscription for someone else] purchase a subscription for a fellow Farker. The mysterious but obviously generous rawsta sponsored me within five minutes of my posting a query about whether anyone was feeling generous this evening.

I am verklempt.

Sunday, August 15

Product Junkie Thought Stream

[Product Junkie Thought Stream]

I was just putting an order together at because I'm almost out of Fresh's Sugar Eau de Parfum, and that can't happen. [Shopping at is less dangerous than going to the Sephora where I can't walk out under three-digits even if I go in for a nail file.] There was a special if you also purchased Fresh's Roll-On Sugar Deodorant Antiperspirant ["which utilizes real sugar to inhibit odor-causing bacteria and deliver unsurpassed dryness"].

Dear God, I am such a fucking junkie.

Anyway, when I clicked on the aforementioned deodorant at, there was a "May we suggest" section that featured Body Mint the "total body deodorant with chlorophyllin". It's a pill. You take it twice a day. This sounds odd to me and I'm not sure whether this is a good idea or a bad idea yet. I only know that it's on special and that there's a page and a half of glowing reviews.

And, no, gentle reader, I'm not a stinky person without all this stuff. I'm just a product junkie. And, purchasing is cheaper than therapy.

Pot vs Pollutants

[Pot vs Pollutants]

What's your brain on?

Saturday, August 14

Stuff Transport

[Stuff Transport]

I carry a lot of stuff. I always have. I try to carry cute little purses, but they end up being over-stuffed and dangerously disorganized. I've been using this as a daily tote for a while now, but it's really lost its charm. I've been thinking about getting a Timbuk2 bag for a while, but there are too many choices. Should I go for something like this or something like this? And, regardless, after I'd gotten one, how quickly would I become disenchanted with its sporty style?

Speedo Sports Water

[Speedo Sports Water]

This is a poorly conceived beverage concept. At no time had I ever wanted to consider Speedos associated with beverages. Speedo Sports Water sounds like the rinse water from a Speedo. Like anyone would realy want to drink that. Uck.

Friday, August 13

Military Health Care Perquisites & Limitations

[Military Health Care Perquisites & Limitations]

Mull this over for a few minutes. I live in a country where "[e]ven in cases of rape and incest, military health insurance doesn't cover [abortion], which costs from $325 to $650 in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy" . . . . but . . . . "members of all four branches of the U.S. military can get face-lifts, breast enlargements, liposuction and nose jobs for free".

I realize that doctors need to maintain certifications, and that they need to have logged certain levels of surgery types in order to qualify, and that this seems to be the government's argument about the latter . . . . but in light of the former that argument looks ridiculous. If a woman who is raped must pay for the cost of an abortion, then a woman who wants fake tits sure as hell should have to pay for those.

Monday, August 9

Playing Catch-Up

[Playing Catch-Up]

Tomorrow and Wednesday, I'll be playing catch-up at work, so tonight I tried to catch up on some reading. Noted:That's all for tonight. I'm off to bed.

Cowgirls & Mutton Bustin'

[Cowgirls & Mutton Bustin']

Keely and I got home late last night from a trip to the Rodeo. I had a meeting in Kansas City last Thursday, and she drove there from Chicago to pick me up. From there, we drove to Phillipsburg. We arrived too late for the Thursday night festivities, but went on Friday and Saturday. Having chute seats, we were a little too close to the action at times.

We made the drive back in thirteen hours, which was fabulous time considering that we took several breaks.

The most intriguing thing for me was the mutton bustin' where — I shit you not — children over three-years old and under fifty pounds are placed atop a sheep and are supposed to hang on whilst the damn thing runs toward the flock. Most of them fall off just out of the gate. A few hang on for ten-or-so yards. Many of them are trampled when they disengage. Only about a quarter of them were crying uncontrollably at the end, and half of those weren't the ones who had been trampled. One little girl who couldn't have been older than four hung on all the way across the field and giggled when she got up. I was amazed. At four, I would have gotten pissy if I'd gotten my little cowgirl outfit dirty.

[pissy little cowgirl]

Yes, gentle reader, that is me at four getting pissy about something whilst wearing a little cowgirl outfit.

Now that I've been to a [somewhat small] rodeo, I'm thinkin' it would be a fine idea to hit the Calgary Stampede in 2005.

Sunday, August 1

Word Wars 2004

[Word Wars 2004]

They're at it again. You can follow the players from the movie at this year's tournament here:The tournament goes through August 5.

Project for the New American Century

[Project for the New American Century]

I didn't realize that there was a website. Complete with the signatories. I don't want this website to be real. I don't want their smarmy pride pulsating through the universe. It's things like this that make the baby Jesus cry.