Monday, June 28

La Belle Rafaelo

[La Belle Rafaelo]

I've been thinking about art for my apartment. I've been looking at interesting originals [the few that are in my price range], certainly, but I'm also interested in some canvas reproductions. Some time ago, I was fascinated by Tamara de Lempicka. I had forgotten until I came across
this piece.

[Tamara de Lempicka's La Belle Rafaelo]

"I live life in the margins of society, and the rules of normal society don't apply to those who live on the fringe."

— Tamara de Lempicka (1898- 1980)

Ah, that's a woman whose spirit should be channeled.

Wednesday, June 23

Calling Professor X

[Calling Professor X]

Muscular mutant baby studied in Germany.
Not yet 5, he can hold seven-pound weights with arms extended, something many adults cannot do. He has muscles twice the size of other kids his age and half their body fat . . . . Researchers would not disclose the German boy's identity but said he was born to a somewhat muscular mother, a 24-year-old former professional sprinter . . . . In the mother, one copy of the gene is mutated and the other is normal; the boy has two mutated copies. One almost definitely came from his father, but no information about him has been disclosed. The mutation is very rare in people.
Too soon to know whether the lad will use his powers for good or for evil.

Wednesday, June 16

Virtual Voyeur

[Virtual Voyeur]

I'm not sure why, precisely, I find it so mesmerizing to watch what people are searching for, but I do.

[Via a comment on the FPF.]

Saturday, June 12



I have a gmail account, and I've been using it when signing up for anything that might cause me to get spam. With my gmail account comes the ability to invite others. Apparently, there are those who want a gmail account and haven't been able to get invited. I've got two invitations left and they'll go to the first people who ask for them: just post a comment to this post with your email address if you want one. First come, first served.

Wednesday, June 9

I am a wilted flower

[I am a wilted flower]

Look at this beautiful and entirely unwilted flower captured by the always fascinating Heather Champ.

I truly cannot stand this sticky weather. I don't understand the happy summer people. Don't understand them at all. And I don't believe a word of that crap that it's genetic. I'm Polynesian, not Aleut, and I'm certainly no more comfortable with the weather of the former than the latter. I like mild weather. Temperate weather. Anything between a few degrees above freezing and hot enough to want to remove my jacket works for me. This winter didn't really bother me at all. But, this summer? It's only June and already I feel like a wilted flower.

Saturday, June 5

Fucking CdoE

[Fucking CdoE]

0x80040600 is a CDO error signifying "corrupt store" meaning my *.pst files were corrupt. Which was interesting but unhelpful knowledge considering I couldn't even locate my *.pst files in a search. It's not like I have the skills to check the code.

I tried many things, including, but most definitely not limited to, ripping out the old firewall, uninstalling and reinstalling MSOffice, installing the full McAfee internet protection suite thingie, installing all the Office updates. Then, I lost internet access. So, I had to reconfigure the firewall. It wasn't until I finished that, late this evening, that I was able to find the *.pst file and run scanpst.ext to repair it.

Finally, it works. I can now get into my email through Outlook. Finally, I have time to do something else. I've not done much other than work, sleep, and try to deal with this for a few days now.

Thursday, June 3

I do not have a tiny flaccid penis

[I do not have a tiny flaccid penis]

I get spam. We all get spam. Oddly, the only spam I seem to get is either for penis enlargement or for erectile dysfunction. I would like the spammers to know that do not have a penis, and if I did, it would most certainly not be a tiny flaccid one.

I had been thinking that [obviously, this would have been contingent upon my ability to receive email without going through the web-mail client — if that ever happens] I might tweak my spam filter to lock out some of these messages. However, after discovering that there are 1,300,925,111,156,286,160,896 ways to spell Viagra, I'm certain that there's no way to win this battle.