Monday, May 31



Any assistance would be appreciated.

I've run detect and repair, installed all the Office XP updates — which was a chore because the auto-installs wouldn't work and I had to go through the administrative updates page, run detect and repair again and I'm still getting errors. I can't get to my calendar entries through Outlook — or sync my PDA to the calendar, and I can't send or receive mail. I'm hesitant to uninstall and reinstall because I don't want to lose my email and calendar entries, and I can't remember which files I need to copy in order to save that stuff. I thought they were *.pst or *.ost files, but I can't find any of those. I'm really frustrated.

Thursday, May 27

No need to sign on the line

[No need to sign on the line]

Earlier this week, I made a coffee and muffin run for myself and some officemates before a meeting. I went to Starbucks and ordered two grande-extra-shot lattes and a grande coffee of the day. The barista swiped the credit card and handed me a receipt. I asked whether I needed to sign, and was informed that they no longer require a signature for purchases under $25. I was perplexed. Then, I went to Corner Bakery to get blueberry muffins [because their muffins are much better than the ones at Starbucks]. I again used a credit card, which was swiped and handed back to me along with a receipt. I asked the clerk whether they no longer required signatures, and was informed that they do not for purchases under $50.

Initially, I perceived this rule change as an intentional lapse in security. I started asking around wondering when this had become normal. Apparently, it happens at various other food establishments including Quiznos and Subway. Upon further reflection, I decided that the signature doesn’t protect us from much anyway. If someone wants to forge your signature, it’s doubtful that anyone will notice.

Actually, the card I was using wasn’t even mine, it belongs to my boss, and it isn’t even a company issued corporate card, just a personal Master Card. Over the past few months, I’ve signed his name on as many receipts as I have my own. No one notices. No one questions. From a fraud-prevention perspective, the signature hasn’t mattered for a while, and this change isn’t likely to change anything but the amount of time we must stand in line.

Friday, May 21

The Gods are Telling Us to be Lazy

[The Gods are Telling Us to be Lazy]

Chance Tstms
Chance Thunderstorms — High 84°F

Chance Tstms
Chance Thunderstorms — Low 66°F

Tstms Likely
Thunderstorms Likely — High 87°F

Saturday Night
Tstms Likely
Thunderstorms Likely — Low 62°F

Chance Tstms
Chance Thunderstorms — High 81°F

Sunday Night
Chance Tstms
Chance Thunderstorms — Low 56°F

No News

[No News]

I have, over the years, spent countless hours trolling the news. But, in light of recent events, I've become less able to tolerate it. It's beyond depressing. It's disgusting. It's disenfranchising. I haven't fully read any of those articles . . . . click-on-scan-click-off is enough to tell me that I cannot identify with this behavior [I did read this piece at Guerrilla News]. No amount of detailed analysis will prove to me that any of this was justifiable, nor that it was isolated. I am deeply chagrined. The questions that must be asked up and down the chain of command are: if you knew, why the fuck didn't you do anything about it? — and — if you didn't know, why the fuck not? The possibilities here are complicity and incompetence.

Now, tell me again, because I'm confused . . . . why was it unpatriotic to oppose this war? To speak against it? And, what does it mean to be a patriot? What about the moral high ground? Can someone explain to me who has the moral high ground?

Sunday, May 16



I'd been intending to post this weekend, but I've been spending so much time thinking: about work, about the traumas of friends, about the state of the economy, about our political climate, about the efficacy of viral marketing. But, my thoughts have been so jumbled and oddly interrellated that I'm certain that following the thread would have been tiresome. The goal for the day: focus.

Wednesday, May 12

Just another day

[Just another day]

Last year at about this time I commented on my difficulties getting through the season. Some dates had been, for more than a few years, terribly difficult for me. This year, for the first time, I hardly even noticed. That's a good thing.

On an entirely different note, this blogger redesign is giving me fits. I am frustrated with some of the changes. Ugh. Some of it just doesn't make sense. Having to publish every time you navigate away from a page is annoying.

Also, I'm thinking about redesigning this site again. I really wasn't satisified with the last one, but I've been too lazy to change it. Suggestions would be welcome.

Friday, May 7

Persona Vacation

[Persona Vacation]

My friends Conni and Darrell I have friends that live in Western Michigan, about a 3-hour drive or train ride from Chicago. At their farm [Coach Stop Farm] they raise draft horses [percheron]. They also naturally [they're not certified organic because of the certification process, but they're pretty sure about the feed they purchase and they don't use any hormones] raise sheep [for wool and lamb] and pigs [for some very tasty pork]. They train the horses to be worked on Amish farms, although they aren't Amish at all.

They're actually the dad and stepmom of one of my best friends [Keely], but I've become friends with them over the years too and I visit them more than she does.

I like to go there to get out of the city, about every 6-10 weeks. It's a mental realignment to go there. When I'm at home [in Chicago] I get up, I go out or go to work, and there's a certain city grooming that I maintain [I'm coiffed and polished and waxed or shaved and girly-dressed]. When I'm there, I get up in the morning and put on dirty jeans and barn boots and go out to help with the chores before breakfast. I don't think about makeup. I don't shave. Even if we go out to dinner or go shopping, I'm in jeans and a t-shirt, something that rarely occurs here. It's a kind of vacation from my city-girl persona.

[Note: I'm visiting them this weekend, and I won't return until Tuesday, so there won't likely be any posts before then.]

Thursday, May 6

Work & Pussy

[Work & Pussy]

I've been working a lot and simultaneously trying to prepare for a trip this weekend. I've been less than successful at the latter. Since I'm leaving tomorrow, I must clean, pack, ready the laundry, and everything else tonight. Ugh. Daunting, quite daunting.

I've also been suffering. I've had an earworm for two days now. I woke up with it yesterday and it's still there today. Sometimes, the best way to get rid of it is to give it to someone else. Hopefully, for my sake, you, gentle reader, will catch it.

Don't ask me where it came from. I have no idea the last time I heard it, it certainly hadn't been playing on the radio at my office. But, stuck it is. Ugh.