Sunday, September 18

2005 Week 2 Football Picks

[2005 Week 2 Football Picks]

In order of confidence:
  • Steelers over Texans
  • Falcons over Seahawks
  • Chiefs over Raiders
  • Lions over Bears
  • Patriots over Panthers
  • Dolphis over Jets
  • Cowboys over Redskins
  • Buccaneers over Bills
  • Ravens over Titans
  • Cardinals over Rams
  • Packers over Browns
  • Colts over Jaguars
  • Broncos over Chargers
  • Saints over Giants
  • Eagles over 49ers
  • Vikings over Bengals
I tied for second place last week with 82 points. The winner —whose picks I made as a favor by picking his favored Jets as the 16, and all the home teams as a straight 15-through-one for the remainder— had 84 points. He's promised a black iPod Nano for my trouble. We'll see whether he delivers.