Sunday, March 27

Channeling Julia

[Channeling Julia]

I like to cook. I frequently don't cook because I'm busy, overworked, and, perhaps more importantly, I live alone. It's not as much fun to cook for one, and recipes — especially the ones I have — tend to be for many.

But, I'm getting back into it. Recently I've made chili, split pea soup and chicken soup. Last night, I went to the grocer with the intention to make my week easier. The plan was
  • modified pasta carbonara with chicken and bacon for last night's dinner [salad on the side]

  • chicken, broccoli and cheddar quiche for lunches and dinners throughout the week

  • chicken broth for quick soups and such throughout the week

  • banana bread for this morning's breakfast [which was to be served, and was served, with mascarpone and bacon]
All went as planned. The carbonara was very tasty. The quiche is in the oven. The broth is in variously sized containers in the fridge. The banana bread is half gone.

I can't help thinking that we'd all be happier and more balanced if we did this consistently. Many of us only eat crummy food on a regular basis because there's nothing else to eat.