Saturday, February 19

Sooty and Grey

[Sooty and Grey]

The city looks so tired toward the end of the winter. Everything looks sooty and grey. The signs are all wrong: Howl at the m, Red Lob, Toy ta, R DHEA Piano Bar, Barne li's Pasta Bowl.

I'm feeling grey and sooty as well. Not that I'm actually grey —of all the product-correctable concerns I have, I thankfully don't have to deal with that one— I just feel end-of-winter dingy. And, I think, maybe my signs are off too, because people just don't seem to get what I think I'm projecting: kindness is misinterpreted as snarkiness, sarcasm is taken too seriously, general hurry is seen as a personal affront.

Hopefully, my signs will take less time to correct than those of the aforementioned venues.