Monday, January 17



I was out shopping yesterday, and I purchased, against the guidance of my companion, a 10X magnifying mirror. I thought it would be helpful in plucking my eyebrows: the magnifying mirror I already had was only a 5X, and I was bound to be missing something.

Well, I was missing a lot. A lot of tiny little hairs all over the place. Pores that needed cleansed. Teensy rough spots. I don't see myself going as overboard on the cleansing as I've gone before, but I'm trying not to be obsessive about this, and it's difficult.

I realize that no one is going to notice these flaws unless they're looking at me with a 10X magnifying glass, but it doesn't matter because now I know that they exist.

Why does it matter? Why are these things so annoying to me, even though I wouldn't have known about them at all if I hadn't purchased the mirror?

Something to think about . . . .