Tuesday, January 4

Someone Else's Devices | Catching Up

[Someone Else's Devices | Catching Up]

There are things I did on my trip [because others were doing them and it would have been rude to get out of it/or there was nothing else to do] that I never do when left to my own devices:
  • Watch Montel
  • Use Creamora
  • Watch Maury
  • Eat at a Grocery Store
  • Watch Barry Manilow on Breakfast With the Arts
  • Read People Magazine
  • Watch Lifetime Movies
  • Play Video Poker/Slots
If that is the fabled Real America, I'm not unhappy to have been completely out-of-touch with it. If it weren't for the last item, which is perhaps-not-so-surprisingly hypnotizing, I might have gone crazy.

I was, thankfully, able to visit some people. Of course, I saw my Mama Person, who was as doting as ever. There was a family holiday gathering where I got to see how much and how well or poorly everyone was aging. I had a lovely chatty dinner with my high-school best friend whom I'd not seen several years [who is aging terrifically well]. I visited a dear friend and her daughter [my Dutch Niecelet who calls me Auntie Coco] and would have had a better visit with them if I hadn't come down with a stomach flu for a day and a half.

All-in-all, I'm really glad I went, but, it's nice to be home.