Saturday, January 22



Since late yesterday, on about every other call I receive, there's an echo where I can hear what I'm saying a fraction of a second after I say it. This is unnerving. I have to hang up and call back.

I dislike the sound of my voice: to me, it sounds mid-toned but too deep for the girlish lilt; snarky but cute with Midwestern/standard-trans-Atlantic pronunciations but a Northeastern nasality. I feel terribly self conscious when I hear it.

It makes me wonder whether I should listen to it more, so that I have a better understanding of what I sound like to others. But, the thought listening to a recording of myself conversing makes me edgy and nervous: I want to know but I fear that knowing would make me embarrassed and prone to affectation.

It makes me wonder whether any individual likes the sound of his or her own voice.