Monday, December 6

Politics & Pursestrings

[Politics & Pursestrings]

We know that elections are bought. We also know that corporations do a lot of the buying. But, we generally don't keep track of who is paying for whom.

By comparing contributions to Republicans and Democrats during the 2004 election cycle — and by altering purchases of products, services and stocks accordingly — we can influence who has more money to blow on the next round.

Buy Blue and Choose The Blue have made it easier for us. It wouldn't be that difficult to spend at:
  • CostCo instead of Sam's Club or Walmart
  • Hyatt instead of Mariott
  • Nordstrom instead of Lord & Taylor, Marshall Fields or Kaufmann's
The most effective tactic would be to change one's shopping habits and to inform the retailers and manufacturers about one's reasons for changing, but, in the short term, we can all start with the shopping. I mean, 'tis the season.

Oh, and speaking of it being the season, consider Hallmark's $195,897 in Republican contributions when buying your cards [why not make them instead . . . . actually, why not make the gifts instead? hmmmmm . . . . that may have to be another post]. And, when shipping, note that your choices are pretty limited.

I do realize that there are corporations that donated blue that may be, for other reasons, politically inappropriate to support. But, I don't have those lists. If you do, let me know.

[Thanks to Eliot for the links]