Tuesday, December 14



I made an order for $1034 in chocolate and nuts last week on a day that I realized that my entire outfit [sans boots] was worth $103.40 including $83.41 in undergarments. The chocolate was not, sadly, for me or for any of my friends and family, it was for clients. I'm unsure they deserve any of it.

I have gotten some holiday gifts already from vendors: a case of Chianti [yes, I've shared with the office], some horrible bath salts and oils, a new wine key, a thermos-mug. Not bad so far, considering that I'm unsure I deserve any of it.

I'm unsure I deserved what I suffered on the way to work this morning either: there were two people within earshot listening to Celine Dion. Most versions of hell I envision involve Celine Dion.

Moving on . . . . there have been some interesting tidbits in the news: Time for bed: I at least deserve that.