Saturday, November 20

What a Week | Week 11 Football Picks

[What a Week | Week 11 Football Picks]

It was a sucky week, really:
  • didn't accomplish much at work except add to my to-do list
  • haven't been sleeping well, and it's affecting both my higher-brain functioning and my mood
  • am thoroughly cash strapped
  • am horny
  • am drowning in ennui
It will be very good for me to get away for a week over Thanksgiving.

Anyway, Football. I'm tryin' this again [thanks Chris, I needed the smack . . . . I'd almost given up]. As usual, in order of preference:
  • San Diego over OAKLAND
  • Denver over NEW ORLEANS
  • Pittsburgh over CINCY
  • BALTIMORE over Dallas
  • TAMPA BAY over San Fran
  • SEATTLE over Miami
  • PHILLY over Washington
  • Green Bay over HOUSTON
  • Indy over CHICAGO
  • MINNESOTA over Detroit
  • NY Jets over CLEVELAND
  • JACKSONVILLE over Tennessee
  • Atlanta over NY GIANTS
  • Arizona over CAROLINA
  • St Louis over BUFFALO
  • KANSAS CITY over New England
One can hope . . . .