Monday, November 1

Judging the Judges

[Judging the Judges]

Although I wouldn't dream of telling anyone how to vote, I am morally comfortable with forwarding published recommendations.

I don't have time to research judges' behavior and records on my own, so I tend to take the voting recommendations [those for whom it recommends NOT voting] of the LGBA of Chicago [although I am physiologically mostly straight, I am politically entirely bi].

I got more info this year when the Chicago Reader printed the voting recommendations [see the October 29th issue] of the Chicago Council of Lawyers and the Chicago Bar Association.

Also, NOW has posted judges it recommends voting for in Chicago.

Here we go . . . .

This year, the LGBA of Chicago recommends that we DO NOT vote for:
  • Dorothy F Jones
  • William Maddux
  • Susan Jeanine McDunn
  • William Michael Phelan
Both the CCL and the CBA — like the LGBA — call for ousting Jones and McDunn. In addition, the CCL recommends the OUSTING of:
  • William D O'Neal
  • Melvin J Cole
  • Arnette R Hubbard
  • Leida J Gonzalez Santiago
  • Edna M Turkington
Next are the recommendations of judges TO VOTE FOR . . . .

First, from NOW:
  • Patrick T Murphy
  • Sheryl Ann Pethers
  • Mary Lane Mikva
  • Jeanne R Cleveland Bernstein
  • Michelle Jordan
  • P Michael Kimmel
Finally judges that have been endorsed as APPROPRIATE FOR RETENTION by the bar groups:
  • Mary Jane Wendt Theis
  • Thomas E Hoffman
  • Sheila O'Brien
And now it's time to think of something other than politics.