Sunday, October 31

Week 8 Football Picks

[Week 8 Football Picks]

I managed to make my picks on time, but I didn't think about them very much this week at all. I was too busy to do any research and because of the Halloween Party I couldn't type: I had garishly long nails from Friday afternoon until just a few minutes ago when I hacked off about a half inch. Anyway, here are the picks [noting my likes & dislikes]:
  • PHILLY over Baltimore
  • TENNESSEE over Cincy
  • BUFFALO over Arizona
  • SAN DIEGO over Oakland
  • SEATTLE over Carolina
  • DENVER over Atlanta
  • MINNESOTA over NY Giants
  • HOUSTON over Jacksonville
  • CHICAGO over San Francisco
  • NY JETS over Miami
  • KC over Indianapolis
  • PITTSBURGH over New England
  • Detroit over DALLAS
  • WASHINGTON over Green Bay
I haven't watched any, and honestly, considering what's going in in Minnesota, I'm afraid to turn on the TV . . . . 27-to-0 in the third? WTF?