Saturday, October 9

Week 5 Football Picks

[Week 5 Football Picks]

Last week was terrible, but at least it wasn't terrible just for me: the only people who did very well in my pool had not done well before. Rules are: no spread, rank by confidence, and worst week is dropped. I'm currently ranked 4th out of 23.

This week's picks:
  • FALCONS over Lions
  • COLTS over Raiders
  • PATRIOTS over Dolphins
  • SEAHAWKS over Rams
  • CHARGERS over Jaguars
  • JETS over Bills
  • COWBOYS over Giants
  • Ravens over REDSKINS
  • PACKERS over Titans
  • TEXANS over Vikings
  • Buccaneers over SAINTS
  • Panthers over BRONCOS
  • 49ERS over Cardinals
  • STEELERS over Browns
We'll see.