Wednesday, October 27

Violent Thoughts

[Violent Thoughts]

I'm not a violent person, but I do have violent thoughts.

When annoyed, I somewhat regularly envision myself slapping someone across the face, or stomping on someone's toe. And, no, I've not slapped any of these faces or stomped any of those toes [except for a guy who rubbed up against me on the bus . . . . he deserved having my heel on his foot].

My most recent violent thought is much harsher than most. I really think I could enjoy beating Kevin Fox to death slowly over several hours with an aluminum baseball bat. It might also feel good just to talk him into suicide.

There might be quite a market for either of these options: perhaps a social service type of Reality TV? People could pay to do it and the proceeds could be set aside in a counseling fund for his family.

You rape a three-year old girl, your own daughter? Then, you duct tape her mouth, you duct tape her tiny hands behind her back, you put her into the back of your car and you drown her in a creek? I don't think you deserve to exist. I don't think you deserve to have a single moment for the rest of your short life when anyone gives you any indication that you deserve to exist.