Friday, October 15

Persona Vacation Redux | Early Football

[Persona Vacation Redux | Early Football]

I'm going away for the weekend. It'll be nice to get out of the city.

Because I'm going away, I had to make my football picks earlier than I usually do. I doubt it'll hurt much, I've been making shitty picks so far. My picks for week 6:
  • PHILLY over Carolina
  • Kansas City over JACKSONVILLE
  • DETROIT over Green Bay
  • NY JETS over San Fran
  • ST LOUIS over Tampa Bay
  • ATLANTA over San Diego
  • NEW ENGLAND over Seattle
  • TENNESSEE over Houston
  • Minnesota over NEW ORLEANS
  • Pittsburgh over DALLAS
  • Washington over CHICAGO
  • Denver over OAKLAND
  • Miami over BUFFALO
  • Cincy over CLEVELAND
I'm not gonna say that it can't be worse than last week, because the last time I said that I was really wrong. I am still in fourth place . . . . go figure.

Ciao for now.