Monday, October 25

Move Along - These Aren't the Bras You're Looking For

[Move Along — These Aren't the Bras You're Looking For]

Six out of the last ten searchers that reached this page were looking a "packers cheese bra". When searching for this item, Bulletproof Bra comes up as the #9 link at Google and the #3 link at Yahoo.

Yeah, I saw the game. Yeah, those things looked pretty stupid and would work as a [gag, I hope] gift for a Packers fan.

It should be noted that I am not a Packers fan. My favorite in the NFC North is now and has for some time been the Vikings.

And, since we're on the topic, in the AFC North, it's the Steelers, AFC West, it's the Chiefs, and in the NFC East, it's quickly becoming the Eagles. No, I don't have favorites in the other four, but if I'm wishing for someone to lose, in the AFC East it's the Dolphins, in the AFC South it's the Colts, and in the NFC South it's the Saints. In the NFC West I really don't care.