Sunday, September 12

Starting the Week Off Right

[Starting the Week Off Right]

The laundry service failed to fold any of my pants on the crease again, and considering that I don't even own an iron, they're all going to be screwed up unless I take them in to be ironed. The straightening iron I use for my hair has worked before in a pinch, but I'm thinking that it might be a little extreme to crease 6 pairs of pants with it.

I spent my morning at the office: 3.5 hours there and 45 minutes each way for the commute.

The food I ordered for dinner didn't arrive: the order taker sent the driver to a street 44 blocks west of my street which is particularly fascinating considering that I spelled the street name for her. The bonus was that the driver called me to tell me that he couldn't find the number, so I got dressed, went outside and stood on the street arguing with him on the phone about the fact that we both claimed to be standing in front of my building.

I can't win the football pool for the week: 16 points on Baltimore did me in.

I'm out of wine.