Thursday, September 16

Making a Statement

[Making a Statement]

I've heard and read several fellow Chicagoans wax about voting third party in the upcoming election, all of their musings could be surmised in a single thought: "Kerry will so thoroughly take Cook County that he'll easily take Illinois, so I'll put my vote where it will make a statement."

Is that what you've been thinking? Are you considering making your voice heard by voting for Amondson, Badnarik, Brown, Calero, Cobb, Dodge, Jay, Nader, Parker, Peltier, Peroutka, Templin, or Van Auken?

Well, if you're in Illinois, and you choose to vote for a "third-party" candidate, don't be so sure you'll like the results.

[NOTE: You'd not be able to punch a ballot for most of them in Illinois anyway because only Badnarak and, possibly, Nader will be on the ballot.]

Related: the latest Gallup results show Bush with 52% and Kerry with 45% of likely voters nationwide.