Wednesday, September 8

Football & Football Weather

[Football & Football Weather]

It felt like football weather today. I needed a jacket, and I would have been more comfortable in tights and boots than with bare legs in strappy shoes.

It's fitting that the first day the weather made me think of football was also the day that the first football picks were due. Tomorrow is opening day, after all. I took, in order of preference:
  • the Ravens over the BROWNS
  • the EAGLES over the Giants
  • the Seahawks over the SAINTS
  • the Titans over the DOLPHINS
  • the RAMS over the Cardinals
  • the Falcons over the 49ERS
  • the TEXANS over the Chargers
  • the PANTHERS over the Packers
  • the STEELERS over the Raiders
  • the JETS over the Bengals
  • the VIKINGS over the Cowboys
  • the Lions over the BEARS
  • the Jaguars over the BILLS
  • the PATRIOTS over the Colts
  • the Chiefs over the BRONCOS
  • the Buccaneers over the REDSKINS
Wish me luck. Or, tell me how stupid I was to take Kansas City over Denver. Whichever.