Saturday, September 25

Beginner Sci-Fi

[Beginner Sci-Fi]

In a conversation earlier today, someone asked whether there were five books that could be recommended as starter sci-fi novels.

That's tricky . . . . when I'm recommending sci-fi it's generally to someone who has already read some.

I came up with this list:
  • The Star Fraction
       — Ken MacLeod
    [because of his cheeky historical threads and his political statements]
  • The Mote in God's Eye
       — Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
    [because they explore — among, obviously, other themes — the effects of a species' physical traits on societal structures]
  • Pattern Recognition
       — William Gibson
    [because of his vision of a possible near future — even though it is considered mainstream fiction and not sci-fi it does deal with VR]
  • Ender's Game
       — Orson Scott Card
    [because of his insights into the flexibility of morality — actually I'd recommend the whole original series for the same reason . . . . however, I would not recommend some of his other books or his non-fiction writings because of some blatant homophobic and misogynistic leanings that I didn't see in this series]
  • Dune
       — Frank Herbert
    [just because]
Now, it's time for ice cream.