Thursday, September 23

Another Old Habit — Purse Incognito

[Another Old Habit — Purse Incognito]

A few jobs ago, I noticed that some of my coworkers would regularly walk around carrying redrope folders. Initially, I assumed that they were transporting files to-and-from meetings.

Later, I realized that some of these folders contained general daily use stuff: perhaps a few files, but more likely some mints, building badges, cigarettes, a few dollars for the vending machines [if not the whole wallet], maybe an organizer, a notepad, and a few pens. Basically, the redrope served as a purse incognito whilst one was at work. Although it would look odd to run around an office continually carrying one's purse, briefcase or tote — it might look, in fact, like one was getting ready to head out of the office or had just returned from some non-work-related outside errand — one could easily always have all the stuff one needed tucked into a redrope.

Eventually, I realized that you could even leave the office with your redrope and go to lunch or on a little shopping jaunt without anyone realizing that you weren't working. Even if you were found outside the office it was somehow assumed that you were out because of a work-related task.

Yesterday, when I had quite a bit of running around to do, I found myself packing up a redrope for my day. I'd forgotten how purposeful it appeared to use one.