Sunday, August 15

Product Junkie Thought Stream

[Product Junkie Thought Stream]

I was just putting an order together at because I'm almost out of Fresh's Sugar Eau de Parfum, and that can't happen. [Shopping at is less dangerous than going to the Sephora where I can't walk out under three-digits even if I go in for a nail file.] There was a special if you also purchased Fresh's Roll-On Sugar Deodorant Antiperspirant ["which utilizes real sugar to inhibit odor-causing bacteria and deliver unsurpassed dryness"].

Dear God, I am such a fucking junkie.

Anyway, when I clicked on the aforementioned deodorant at, there was a "May we suggest" section that featured Body Mint the "total body deodorant with chlorophyllin". It's a pill. You take it twice a day. This sounds odd to me and I'm not sure whether this is a good idea or a bad idea yet. I only know that it's on special and that there's a page and a half of glowing reviews.

And, no, gentle reader, I'm not a stinky person without all this stuff. I'm just a product junkie. And, purchasing is cheaper than therapy.