Monday, August 9

Cowgirls & Mutton Bustin'

[Cowgirls & Mutton Bustin']

Keely and I got home late last night from a trip to the Rodeo. I had a meeting in Kansas City last Thursday, and she drove there from Chicago to pick me up. From there, we drove to Phillipsburg. We arrived too late for the Thursday night festivities, but went on Friday and Saturday. Having chute seats, we were a little too close to the action at times.

We made the drive back in thirteen hours, which was fabulous time considering that we took several breaks.

The most intriguing thing for me was the mutton bustin' where — I shit you not — children over three-years old and under fifty pounds are placed atop a sheep and are supposed to hang on whilst the damn thing runs toward the flock. Most of them fall off just out of the gate. A few hang on for ten-or-so yards. Many of them are trampled when they disengage. Only about a quarter of them were crying uncontrollably at the end, and half of those weren't the ones who had been trampled. One little girl who couldn't have been older than four hung on all the way across the field and giggled when she got up. I was amazed. At four, I would have gotten pissy if I'd gotten my little cowgirl outfit dirty.

[pissy little cowgirl]

Yes, gentle reader, that is me at four getting pissy about something whilst wearing a little cowgirl outfit.

Now that I've been to a [somewhat small] rodeo, I'm thinkin' it would be a fine idea to hit the Calgary Stampede in 2005.