Sunday, July 25

Privé Formule aux Herbes - No Substitutions

[No Substitutions]

There are some products for which there are no suitable substitutes. I don't hold many strict brand loyalties [although I do have many preferences]. For the most part, I'll try anything.

There are, however, some items for which there I won't consider a substitute. I wouldn't occur to me to purchase a baking soda other than Arm & Hammer. There isn't an exfoliant out there that I like better than Fresh's Sugar Face Polish, and I've tried more than I care to count. I can't name an aluminum foil other than Reynolds Wrap. My razor is a Venus [although this one is subject to change, I was a dedicated Mach3 user for some time].

It's difficult when I become attached to a product and I can no longer find it easily.

That happened about a year and a half ago with Privé Formule aux Herbes melange #46: pommade du modelage. It was simply the best sculpting pomade for me. The fragrance was dreamy. The texture was perfect. It rinsed out easily.

Then, one very sad day — the day after I'd scraped the very last of it out of the jar — I discovered upon checking out at the salon that they had stopped carrying the line. I tried to be chipper about it, attempting to view it as an opportunity to try new products, and I immediately began searching for substitutes [I think I bought two right then at the salon]. One would think that there would be some product out there that would be similar enough for me to like it. Sadly, that was not the case. I tried about one a month since I ran out.

Today, on the way into the hair salon to get my hair cut into a sassy little pixie, I saw the Privé Formule aux Herbes wall display. On the third shelf was my beloved melange #46: pommade du modelage.

I am elated.