Saturday, July 31

Logophilic Maledicta

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I went to see Word Wars with J this afternoon. I giggled. I gesticulated. I guffawed. One of the characters, er, uh, I mean players, Matt, mentioned The International Journal of Verbal Aggression. I had been woefully underinformed. Nobody told me. I have since learned that Maledicta Volume 1: the Journal of Verbal Aggression was produced in 1977, and that Volume 13 is due out this summer and may have already been released.

Just after the movie, in the ladies' room, I was cornered by an innocuous-looking member of some subversive Scrabble cult. She wished to know the composition of the groups in which I play. Would I, perhaps, play "at the club" in Deerfield? She seemed terribly deflated when I told her that I play only with a few friends and that I prefer [yes, gentle reader, I did go there] to play Boggle.