Sunday, July 11

Full Fark Bannination

[Full Fark Bannination]

I just got banned from Fark, and I believe it might have been a permaban and not some day-or-two warning ban. I was instructed by another farker to try to post, and that when I did I would get a message something like "You posted without content. Try again in ____ days." But, I've been blocked from even viewing the comment pages, so I can't try that. And, they cleaned out my profile. Honestly, I'm rather amused.

Was I baiting the mods [moderators]? Perhaps. I might have done a few things to bait the mods, but well, things have been freaky on the Fark Personals Forum for a while now. Posts have been deleted and mods have been posting to tell us that we're breaking the rules. But, they don't tell us specifically what we did to break them. The rules are rather slippery in a forum whose secondary intent is attention whoring. Regularly, people get banned for a few days, and then it is impressed upon us that we may not discuss why a banned poster was banned in the general posting area. For this, some of it overt and a bit more subtle, a rash of short bans and threats-for-banning ensued. Some farkers just weren't able to code html for a while. It was silly. You couldn't go there and do what you were gonna do when you intended to go there.

It was also frustrating. Finally, today, I decided to post something:
07-11 08:09:34 PM

There was this place where the boys used to skate [as in skateboard] back in the day. When I started going there, somebody would hand me a beer, and, for the most part, I'd just sit back by the edge of the pool and watch.

It was fun. I could pick up boys just by saying, "Hi, you're cute. What kinda stick you pushin'?"

Then, one day a bunch of the owner's security staff showed up. Everybody who hung out there was confused when they filled the pool up and banned the skateboards. What they said was that they were trying make it enjoyable place for everyone who wanted to use it, and that what we were doing wasn't what it was intended for. They also said that we were fighting and playing too rough.

What they didn't get was that we were enjoying it and that we couldn't have gone someplace else to swim, but that we didn't wanna swim.

There were assholes, certainly, and there were a few fights here and there, but for the most part, everybody got along: there was a lot more let me school you on this trick than get outta my face loser boy goin' on.

It didn't matter what we said. We argued, we pleaded, we tried to prove that we all got along. We could stay and swim or leave and skate.

For the most part, we left
Not long after that, my post was deleted and I had this response:
2004-07-11 08:13:02 PM

One more time- if you have a problem with how this site is ran- use farkback.
I felt compelled to respond:
2004-07-11 08:19:32

Okay, Moderator. If I ever want to talk about skateboarding in swimming pools again, I'll most certainly use farkback.
That post was deleted immediately.

So, for a while I backed off. But I was a little pissy, and, admittedly, sporting for a fight. I started posting about sex. There were some really funny posts there about what construes an incidence of sex. I was guiding the forum into a determination of what sex means. If you say you had sex, and you are a man, does that mean you reached orgasm? Would a man say that he had sex 3 times in an evening, or would he just say that he had sex for three hours? Should we define incidences of sex around the number of times a woman reaches orgasm. [For the sake of retaining the MF dichotomy, only sex involving both males and females in manageable quantities were discussed.] The responses were funny actually. The guys were of a mind to consider any contiguous time frame an incident of sex. So, they'd rather say that they'd had sex for 3 contiguous hours than to say that they'd had sex twice last Monday night. Obviously, I eventually [passive-aggressive that I can be] tweaked the conversation. Soooooo, a bit later, I had another post:
2004-07-11 10:53:58 PM

Okay, Thales, here's where it gets trickier.

What if I'm in a similar position/condition and there's no genitalia involved? Let's say he's [hypothetically, of course] spanking me [I used to --- hypothetically --- call him by name when he'd do that, but I'm kind of turned on by the idea of calling him moderator] and nobody gets off? What then?
No one did anything about it. So, I continued to post, for a bit, and then suddenly, I couldn't access the forum. I went to another site/forum where some current-and-banned farkers hang out and I found that all of my recent posts were deleted.

And, apparently, the mods don't do that unless one is permabanned. I was permabanned for suggesting that a hypothetical person might be called "Moderator" when spanking me. That is, really, hilarious. Oh well. I have other places to play.