Thursday, July 22

Extraterrestrial Naming Conventions

[Extraterrestrial Naming Conventions]

When reading sci-fi that focuses on extraterrestrials, I'm regularly amused by the naming of the characters. I recently re-read Julian May's Intervention. The ruling quincunx of Lylmik [a group of ancient disembodied aliens] is comprised of:
  • in the center, Atoning Unifex
  • in the uppermost position, Noetic Concordance
  • in the lowest position, Eupathic Impulse
  • on the right, Homologous Trend
  • on the left, Asymptotic Essence
The book really wasn't as much fun as I had remembered, but was a somewhat pleasurable reacquaintance with a favorite character, Uncle Rogi. Even so, I'll probably re-read the Galactic Milieu Trilogy. It's been a while.