Saturday, July 24

Alternative Transportation

[Alternative Transportation]

Instead of taking a bus to the train after work on Friday night, I traveled by rickshaw. Yes, rickshaw. In Chicago. Previous to this, I'd not been aware that there was such a service in the Windy City. I had walked out of the office building, and there was a guy standing there on the sidewalk next to his rickshaw. I think what I said was, "A rickshaw. In Chicago. Really." To which he responded, "Yup." I asked where he could take me, and he told me he'd take me anywhere I wanted, although I imagine there would have actually been some limitations to that offer. I had him take me to the train station at Halsted & Milwaukee. His name is Paul, and he's really sweet. Should you require a rickshaw for some reason, contact Roger Rickshaw [773 / 620 - 7921] and ask for him.

While I was being hauled by bike along my route I recalled a story from the somewhat distant past. A long lost friend named Melanie was out drinking in San Diego [more than a couple o' years ago when we were both students at WVU] and she found a rickshaw driver who was willing to take her to her destination. When she arrived, however, she realized that she had lost all of her cash somewhere. So, Melanie offered to blow him for the ride. He accepted this as fair trade, and offered to take her anywhere she wished throughout the rest of her stay.

No, gentle reader, I did not make any such arrangement. I paid cash.