Friday, May 21

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[No News]

I have, over the years, spent countless hours trolling the news. But, in light of recent events, I've become less able to tolerate it. It's beyond depressing. It's disgusting. It's disenfranchising. I haven't fully read any of those articles . . . . click-on-scan-click-off is enough to tell me that I cannot identify with this behavior [I did read this piece at Guerrilla News]. No amount of detailed analysis will prove to me that any of this was justifiable, nor that it was isolated. I am deeply chagrined. The questions that must be asked up and down the chain of command are: if you knew, why the fuck didn't you do anything about it? — and — if you didn't know, why the fuck not? The possibilities here are complicity and incompetence.

Now, tell me again, because I'm confused . . . . why was it unpatriotic to oppose this war? To speak against it? And, what does it mean to be a patriot? What about the moral high ground? Can someone explain to me who has the moral high ground?