Thursday, April 1

Product Tour

[Product Tour]

Postings will be scant this weekend because I have visitors. Ms Rosie arrived from Hoboken this afternoon with her two boys [aged 9 months and 4 1/2 years — I'm shocked at how utterly adorable they both are, and at how they both look like their mama and papa yet look nothing alike].

The apartment tour took all of 2 minutes.

The kitchen tour [here's the coffee, here's the sugar, here's how to work the coffee maker] took an additional minute.

The bathroom tour [after the boys were asleep] featuring the plethora of lotions and powders and polishes and drops and towlettes and ungents and rinses and pastes and balms and creams and pomades and washes and conditioners and soaps and oils I keep, took 15. And those were just the general grooming products. We didn't even touch on makeup, exfoliation, depilation or nail care.

Granted, she is one of the few people I know who is truly interested in all of these products. And, she is one of the few people who love me not despite my being a product junkie, but, in part, because of it.