Wednesday, March 10

Out of whack | Wack

[Out of whack | Wack]

Last Wednesday, I lost my glasses. I was out with Katie. We had sushi and then a few glasses of wine. On the way out of the bar, I realized that I couldn’t find my glasses. They weren’t in my purse. They weren’t at the bar. Frustrated, I left, deciding that it was time to get a new pair anyway. The ones I had were a few years old, and I was certain that my prescription had changed considerably since I’d gotten them.

So, I went to a Pearle Express that accepts my insurance on Saturday. I did the whole exam thing, and confirmed — by having the new prescription compared to my old prescription sunglasses — that my vision has indeed gotten quite a bit worse. I found some cute lightweight frames and made the purchase. The price shocked me. Granted, my post insurance cost was only about $200, but the pre-insurance cost was close to $700. That seemed really high to me.

I was thinking about it again on Sunday when I was getting ready to visit Keely [for a lovely afternoon of product shopping, toenail painting, college basketball and kvetching] I was looking for something to wear when I came across the sweater I’d worn last Wednesday. As I folded it, I noticed a hard lump. I found my old glasses — one arm had gotten caught in the tag at the neck.

I needed new glasses regardless, and they're less severe than my hipster-geek-girl-black-frame-square-standard old ones, so I’m glad that I got them. But, I deposited a check recently that bounced, and I’m not on the surest footing and it would have been nice to have waited a few weeks.


I've also not been feeling well. I keep telling myself that it's allergies, but I'm not sure that I didn't / don't have a cold. I also don't know whether I'd be exhasted without all the cold /allergy medication because not taking it would mean I'd be unable to breathe, so I can't test the premise. I came home early today from work and took a two-hour nap. And, already, just three hours after I got up, I feel like I could / should go back to bed. Ukky.