Thursday, February 26

You Never Know Where The Line Is Until You Cross It

[You Never Know Where The Line Is Until You Cross It]

I'm wearing the same outfit I wore to the reading last week: short brown dress with a largish light tan leafy print, huge brown sweater, thick brown tights, black high-heeled Mary Janes.

It seems my skirt is too short for some.

Earlier today the receptionist told me that she was asked, "is that the shortest skirt you've ever seen?"
And she overheard, "did you see that?"

Now, I didn't think it was that short! I mean, if I make sure it's pulled straight and I put my shoulders back, I can pass the Catholic-School-girl's-skirt / put-your-hands-straight-down-at-your-sides-fingertips-must-be-above-the-hem test. [Yeah, I know, it's not "pulled straight" when I'm walking.]

Anyway, a little while ago, I got "a talking to" from a director . . . .

Granted, there was laughter, and there was no "trouble" but, I think I have reached the line.