Saturday, February 14

Will you be my Valentine

[Will you be my Valentine?]

Anyone else ever notice how well Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Browie goes with Shiraz?

I'm wearing my V-Day tank top and kinda feeling guilty about not volunteering or at least donating something to the cause. Alas, I am a lazy, hedonistic brat.


I've been intermittently Farking throughout the day. Because everyone else was doing it — yeah, I do know exactly how that sounds — I took the Physical Attraction Test.


This is who the test chose for me . . . . .


I wouldn't kick either of them out on looks alone, but, I don't think they're on-target either. He looks a little smarmy and vain. And she looks like a smug soccer mom. I wonder why I think that? Do I look smug and vain? That's something to think about. And, I've got to get over this fear-of-photos thing. But, that's a consideration for another day.

Moving on . . . . .

For some reason, interspersed within the discussion of this test was a discussion on IQ tests. Although I doubt the validity of any IQ test, I'm not opposed to taking them. Most of them seem to weigh heavily on one's access to common knowledge. For example, I'd recently taken the Tickle one, and it has this question:

The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never
  • Complete
  • Accurate
  • Complex
  • Simple
  • Wise
I mean really, now, could anyone belive that one's intelligence may be measured by the ability to recognize an Oscar Wilde quote?

The Brainforce test is entirely image-based and therefore supposedly culturally-neutral. I'd suppose it a far better measure of raw processing power than the Tickle one. [If you intend to take the Brainforce test, note that the 25-minute timer begins as soon as the page loads, so get your brain on before you click!]. I took it today.

I'll share my scores with you if you share yours with me.

Now, I'm off to drink more wine, eat more ice cream and read.