Sunday, February 8



I have found a new laundry service [Sudz] that's roughly the same price as the old laundry service [LemonScents].

Why did I need a new laundry service? Simeon quit.

Who is Simeon? He was the weekend delivery guy.

After the first three or four times I used LemonScents, I realized how variable they were. Orders right, orders wrong, delivery on time, no pick up at all. Then, I realized the pattern: if Simeon picked up the order, he did so on time and the order was done correctly, and if Simeon delivered the order, it arrived on time. No Simeon and something was fucked up.

So, of course, I scheduled my pickups and deliveries around Simeon's work schedule. I've been doing this for five months.

Suddenly, as of this past Friday, those times weren't available on the website. So I called. Simeon quit. Now, LemonScents doesn't offer pickup or delivery on Sunday. And because their schedules have been moved around, they no longer can offer pickups or deliveries past 5pm on weekdays.

Just moments ago, I was talking to John, the owner of Sudz. He told me that he already has three new customers that are defecting from LemonScents. Three since Friday.

So, basically, as I see it, a small business is completely losing its shit because one employee quit.