Sunday, February 1



I've been involved in a conversation about needs. It prompted me to consider what I really need in order to feel comfortable. I ended up making this list, which pretty much covers it:
  • security
    [friends and family / adequate shelter / adequate clothing / emotional and physical protection / sufficient money]

  • nourishment
    [quantity / quality]

  • sleep
    [time / facilities / accoutrements]

  • body awareness
    [including but not limited to sex and sensuality]

  • grooming
    [cleanliness, certainly, but also a type of meditative perfectionism | time / facilities / accoutrements]

  • creative, emotional and intellectual stimuli
    [interactions with friends / media / the world in general]

  • solitude
    [time to process]

  • outlets
    [interactions with friends / crafty projects / writing / musing / other]

  • seeking patterns

  • whimsy, spirituality, absurdity and a sense of the divine
    [yes, I associate these]
Of course, I'm terrifically interested in what might be on your list, gentle reader.