Wednesday, January 7

T-Shirt Phrases & Job Titles for the IRS

[T-Shirt Phrases & Job Titles for the IRS]

I once had a t-shirt that proclaimed "my boyfriend's out of town" and somewhere, in some shuffle, I lost it. Pity. As I remember it, it paid for itself in cocktails many times over. Alas, tonight I paid for most of my own cocktails. And, truthfully, I wasn't wearing any sort of t-shirt . . . . I was wearing a huge unflattering sweater. Anyway, one of my fellow bar flies and I ended up talking about a whole slew things from hunting and farming to psilocybin and snakes to job titles and the IRS. I mentioned that for years, I would create an interesting job title to put on my tax form. With his help, I found the one for the new year: organic kobe swine theraputic massager.