Monday, January 19

Gave me Pause

[Gave me Pause]
  • Ancient gravesites in Siberia replete with bronze gilded mummies suggest that the area was peopled with a previously unknown culture and was a significant trade crossroads in the 10th and 11th centuries, and not the barren wasteland traditional oral history suggests.

  • Thankfully, I do not qualify for a monkey assistant, but I want one anyway. Yeah, yeah, I shouldn't make fun of it because it is really fascinating and wonderful. However, I, like Mighty Girl, want at least a few t-shirts.

  • If you find yourself thinking that you are safe, if you have forgotten that you and those you love could be the victim of rape or sexual abuse, intermittently check the news stories posted at SafetyNet and you will most certainly remember to call someone when you get home, check behind you and just be continually aware when walking alone, take a taxi instead of the train at night [and remember to log the taxi number], meet first dates in safe familiar places, be continually cautious, and encourage your friends to do the same. I have become lax, especially about the call when home / be certain someone knows where I am thing. That will change.

  • Because you needed to know:

  • I couldn't afford it, but nevertheless, I missed my chance to be Empress of my home state of West Virginia.

  • Bodies from at least 50 members of the Medici family are to be exhumed to "unlock secrets" of their lives, deaths and true lineage. [Thanks to Mark]

  • Since 1949, every January 19th, on the anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's death a hooded person leaves French cognac on the gravesite.
That is all for tonight.