Saturday, January 31

Doubly Smitten

[Doubly Smitten]

I'm utterly smitten with Mario Livio. I've spent a chunk of the day reading The Golden Ratio. Wonderful. It's bloody wonderful.

I found myself hunting for a scientific calculator for the first time in years [Mark, did I give that to you?] and doing algebra by hand. I've created a phi derivation spreadsheet using Fibonacci numbers.

I am also smitten with Ricky James who offered this series of haiku [ripped directly] at SciScoop:
Mapping life, within
Tracking what's above, online
Finding death, below

Whale in earth, frozen
Dinosaur in ice, frozen
Cold atoms, frozen

Tracks amid green grass
Skull in a pit of gravel
Mammals lost in time

Gene for a big brain
Did Neanderthals no good
Millipedes, maybe

Dog sniffs out Mars life
Russian sees, sniffs out Mars lies
Mini-TES sees Mars light

Swiss fly above Mars
Japanese fly above Earth
Ultrablack butterflies

A cosmic B Flat
G2 hides a mystery
Change your eye color

Fighting for vision
Means taking a second look
But truth is unseen

Gaze deep into space
A universe of riches there
Feed me well, Mother
Oh, so much to read!

Whoa. Maybe I am a geek.