Monday, January 26

Dinners I’ve Had

[Dinners I’ve Had]

I’ve been thinking about my diet, and am both amused and disconcerted about what has constituted dinner on occasion. A partial list:
  • French fries with gravy

  • Half a bag of Fritos and half a magnum of cheap Chardonnay

  • An 8-ounce filet, coffee and chocolate mousse with no other accompaniments

  • Macadamia nuts, dried apricots, and Chardonnay

  • Spinach dip, pork rinds and Chardonnay

  • Ritz crackers, Easy Cheese [yup, the stuff in a can . . . . granted, this was some time ago] and Chequer’s scotch [I think that was the name . . . . . and I hate scotch]

  • Half a Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake, a third of a gallon of some dirt-cheap screw-top red wine [fabulous site, regardless of the wine quality], and French fries with gravy

  • An entire small wheel of brie en croute with two-thirds of a bottle of pricey Barbaresco [a gift . . . . if I remember correctly, I washed my hair with the other third because of some damn article in some glossy fucking magazine that claimed it would make my hair shinier]

  • Steamed edamame and several glasses of Riesling

  • 12 blue-cheese stuffed olives [in three Belvedere martinis]

  • Pancakes with peanut butter

  • Six cups of coffee with cream and sugar and half a pack of cigarettes

  • Black-bottom banana cream pie

  • Devilled eggs and chunks of leftover ham

  • Sandwiches made from banana bread, bacon and mascarpone [fabulous, utterly fucking fabulous . . . . honestly, I want one right now (Ms Rosie, I miss you desperately)]

  • Lots of bourbon, some crusty French bread with lots of butter and some Coca Cola

  • Stuffed jalapenos and beer

  • St Louis cut barbecue ribs and beer

  • Hush puppies and beer

  • Nachos and beer

  • Hot wings and beer

  • Beer
I am certain I’ve forgotten some dinners that would be equally amusing and/or disconcerting, but that is quite a list.

Tonight’s dinner? Four-day-old pizza and cheap Chardonnay.