Tuesday, December 30



The year is just about over.

Mama left on Sunday, and I took two days to regroup. There's a new kitchen table. The couch has been ordered. There are only two unpacked boxes in my entire aprartment, and those are filled with paperwork. My desk is again a mess, but there are neither dishes next to the sink nor dirty clothes on the floor. I even made the bed this morning. Weird.

I'm headed to Michigan to see my friends Conni and Darrell for a few days. I doubt I'll post until I return on Saturday. [Got a great present from the two of them this year: a full set of matching wheely luggage. Conni said that they were distrubed by watching me struggle with my multi-bag packing system when I last visited. Now that I'm packing for this trip, I will agree that it is easier being able to pack everything into one bag.]

Regular season football is finished, and along with it the office football pool. I never won a week, but I did finish a respectable third out of thirty-three on confidence points for the year:
# 1 — Packers Suck! — 1,433
# 2 — Gambling Fool — 1,428
# 3 — Bulletproof Bra — 1,419
Oh, well.

Now, I'm off to finish packing.

Happy New Year to all!