Wednesday, December 24

Mama — Days 2, 3 & 4

[Mama — Days 2, 3 & 4]

The early part of Day 2 [Monday] was spent shopping for a table and chairs for the kitchen. We found one that will work [small enough for the space and cheap enough for my budget]. After we found the table, mama said it was time for a beer, which was okay with me, because it’s okay for a lady, apparently, to smoke at a bar, and I thought it was time for a cigarette. It was just before noon. She pointed to a bar on Milwaukee near Western and said,
“Let’s go there.”

“Mama, that might be a little rough, and I don’t speak much Spanish.”

Rough I can handle.”

And, so, we went. One beer [and a narrow escape from an amorous middle-aged non-English-speaking man] later and we were out. The rest of the day is a blur of groceries and cleaning.

On Day 3 [Tuesday] I went to work, and left Mama alone in my apartment. This is the true test of the pre-Mama cleaning. Other than a bottle of peach-flavored massage oil [forgot about that, would have tossed it, it wasn’t too tasty] that she found when cleaning under my bed I passed. Keely and Mark picked her up and we met for dinner before taking off to the Redhead where I learned a few things that were interesting and disconcerting and will be further investigated. I have again realized that when comparing myself to the Mama person, I am the mild one.

Day 4 [today] has been movie watching, grocery shopping and more cleaning. And drinking.