Monday, December 29

Draft Dodging

[Draft Dodging]

A few months ago, the pentagon put out the call for draft board members. Shortly thereafter, some members of congress became vocal about increasing the size of the US military. Now, the enlisted, as a part of an ongoing stop-gap policy are being prohibited from retiring, and we're hearing rumblings about the army's suicide rate.

And, although there have been discussions about reducing US forces in Iraq after the capture of Saddam Hussein, it is important to remember that most US troops are elsewhere. And, although the Pentagon is discussing realignment, possibly even closing a quarter of its 400-plus international bases, such a move would only imply reduction if those same troops aren't redeployed elsewhere.

I am suspicious.

Will the draft be reinstated? Not before the election, I imagine. But, if Bush wins a second term, and if other enemy states are chosen for Bush's machine to correct, I think the possibility is strong.