Thursday, December 11

ADHD + Ritalin

[ADHD + Ritalin]

Fascinating. Although there had been several studies about the short-term effects of Ritalin, and other stimulants for children with ADHD, little long term research had been undertaken. New Research in Animals Reveals Possible Long-Term Effects of Stimulants on Brain and Behavior. Notable:
Dr. Carlos BolaƱos and his colleagues at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas assessed certain behaviors of adult rats given methylphenidate prior to adolescence. They found that compared to drug-naive rats, those chronically exposed to methylphenidate were less responsive to natural rewards, such as sugar and sex, and more sensitive to stressful situations. The methylphenidate-exposed animals also had increased anxiety-like behaviors, and enhanced blood levels of stress hormones.

So, I guess we can look forward to a plurality of the next generation of young adults being disinterested in sex or food, always stressed, and prone to freaking out when they are stressed. Great. I wonder what new repacement drug will come out and in what different manner it'll fuck the kids up.