Sunday, November 9

Phone-Free Weekend

[Phone-Free Weekend]

I don't have a home phone. Mobile's just easier. I don't need a home phone, and Ameritech's customer service is so shitty that I got away from them as soon as I had another option. That was about four years ago. I had cable internet access before that, so I didn't need a phone for that. Telemarketers haven't ever been allowed to target mobile exchanges, a great bonus.

The only problem is that I'm intermittently absent-minded.

I've mislaid my phone perhaps ten times over the years, and I've, luckily, always gotten it back. Some kind soul would phone numbers on the speed dial until one of my friends [usually Keely] would agree to pick it up for me. Or, I'd call my own phone and the finder would answer and meet me. Regardless, I've always gotten it back.

I also occasionally forget my phone at the office. Before last Friday, though, it's always happened on a week night.

But, now, because I've not gone back to the office to pick it up, I've had a phone-free weekend. It's odd.