Friday, October 24

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I'll rarely tell you what you should do, gentle reader. But, today, wishing desperately that I could follow my own advice, I'll tell you that you should go back to bed.

If you are unable to go back to bed, you should browse the sites listed in Web Exhibits, allow yourself to be hypnotized by, amuse yourself with Sci-Fi Fan Films, ponder the skills of the Precision Lawn Chair Demonstration Team, determine just how many Ferraris you might have purchased over the years with your drinking money, and/or download everything at Sine Fiction to judge their music-to-sci-fi-novel matchups.

Whatever you do, don't troll the news from this week. You might then have to . . . .I warned you. You should have gone back to bed or stuck with the fluff.

[BTW: No posts for a few days. I'm getting out of the city to visit my friends Conni and Darrell at Coach Stop Farm. I'll be back early next week.]